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Owl Softies Sewing Pattern – Photo Tutorial

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I have put together a step-by-step photo tutorial to show you just how easy it is to make an owl softie from my
Stuff your owl.

Choose some nice bright fabrics for your toy owl. I used cotton fabric BUT you can use stretchy/knit fabrics like fleece for a more cuddly feel, or corduroy for some funky texture!
Choose some nice bright fabrics.

OK, let’s get cracking…
with the TUTORIAL!

Step 1 – Sew the owl’s face.

Sew the owl FACE PIECES together and turn it right side out. Sew a line of stitches around the edges.
Owl Face
Sew the felt EYE PIECES to the Owl’s FACE.
Sew the eyes on.

Step 2 – Add a beak.

Cut the BEAK PIECE from felt. Use the pattern markings as a guide to position the BEAK PIECE and sew it onto the FRONT PIECE.
Sew the beak
Pin the FACE PIECES in position just above the BEAK PIECE. Use a sharp scissors to cut a hole through all the layers and insert the safety eyes.
Pin the face
Fold and pin the FACE to the FRONT PIECE so that it will not get caught in the seams when you sew the owl together.
Fold and pin the face.
* Poor Owl – looks like he has a HEADACHE!!!!!

Step 3 – Make some wings.

Sew the WING PIECES in pairs onto a piece of quilt battling (with right sides of the fabric together)
Sew the owls wings.
Trim the battling very close to the sewing line.
Trim the batting
Snip the seams of the WING PIECES before turning them right sides out.
Snip the seams of the wings.
Sew the top stitches on the WING PIECES as shown in the pattern markings. You can also make up your own squiggly pattern for the top stitching if you want to! :)
Sew the top stitches

Step 4 – Sew the wings in place.

Pin one WING to the BACK PIECE as shown on the pattern markings.
Pin the wings to the back piece

With the WING in between, sew the SIDE PIECE to the BACK PIECE.
Pin and sew the side piece.
REPEAT for the 2nd WING on the other side.

Step 5 – Sew the TAIL.

Sew the TAIL PIECES and clip the seams well.
Sew the tail pieces.
Turn the TAIL PIECES right sides out very well before sewing the top stitches. I use a wooden chopstick to help me with this!
Turn the tail right sides out.
Sew the tail top stitches as shown in the pattern markings.
Sew the top stitches
Pin and sew the tail to the BACK PIECE.
Sew the tail

Step 6 – Sew the body closed.

Sew the BACK PIECES to the SIDE PIECES on the sides. Then Pin and sew the BACK and FRONT pieces together at the top.
Pin the front and back pieces.

Step 7 – Sew the owl’s CLAWS.

Make sure you have cut out 2 CLAW PIECES and 4 HALF CLAW PIECES.
Prepare the claw pieces
Sew 2 of the HALF CLAW PIECES to the FRONT PIECE(on the left) and the other 2 HALF CLAW PIECES to the BASE PIECE (on the right).
Sew the HALF claw pieces
Sew the BASE PIECE to the body and don’t forget to LEAVE A GAP for turning and stuffing!
Sew the base
Pin and sew the claw pieces to the HALF CLAW PIECES as shown here. It’s MUCH EASIER if you ONLY sew in 2 steps – sew the top first, turn it around and then sew the other 2 halves of the CLAWS.
Pin and sew the claw pieces

Step 8 – turn the owl right sides out.

Using a turning tool, turn your owl right sides out. Make sure all the parts are properly turned before stuffing. ( I used an my wooden chopstick!)
Turn the owl right sides out

Step 9 – Stuff your owl with toy stuffing.

Make sure to stuff the claws very well so they are nice and firm. For the body start using small bits of stuffing to get right into the corners, then fill the rest of the body.
Stuff your owl.

ALL done!

NOW you can make a GIRLY owl too!!

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